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Our Culture

We don't have a humongous team at the moment. But that's because we don't need it, as the capabilities and the desired skills to deliver large scale projects are all covered by our fantastic team. Everyone knows everyone with their names and new ideas are floating all the times. It's a team of like minded professionals and hence is a close knit unit. There are times when there are hiccups. It's a learning organization, but we are learning the ropes like our lives depend on it.

Our Vision

Our vision is directly governed by the motto of our company, that says, Have Aim In Life To Achieve Success, in short HAILTAS. We aim to develop a series of startups under the banner of our company. The aim of these startups will be to deliver services to enhance the quality of life and to provide convenience to the common people

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our knowledge with freshers and students to help them achieve a professional identity even before they get there first job. We believe that the professional and pragmatic approach of learning is the right way for the beginners to gain industrial knowledge. For this purpose we follow an analytical approach based on the analysis of a large number of companies done by us on what's required by the software industries in the contemporary times The analysis is qualitative and aims at revealing your inherent potential vis-à-vis educational strategies implemented through using immersive virtual environments to achieve learning goals . Actually, technology in education is not just an add-on but is literally reshaping teaching/learning paradigms, and we want to act as the bridge between you and your access to this high end technological knowledge.